How will remote work shape our future work lives?

MA thesis. Together with Lunia D'Ambrosio, 2021.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend towards remote work and blurred the lines between home and office. The project Remote Futures provides an idea of what the future work situation may look like for the ever-increasing proportion of us who will not necessarily work in a physical workplace anymore.

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In order to make possible future scenarios more tangible and imaginable, the website remotefutures­.work presents four narratives in which personas from 2030 give an account of their work life.

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All four personas have digital jobs but their level of competitiveness and their work-life balance vary a lot from one to the other.

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The narratives are visually accompanied by artefacts of the future that connect to the personas’ work life and allow for speculation about the world they might belong to.

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We did not want to present an ex­haustive picture of a predicted future. Instead we decided to create five future arte­facts for each scenario that allow for specula­tion about the world they belong to. In this way we leave enough space for the interactor's ima­gina­tion.

exhibition, 2022

The project is currently exhibited at the exhibition THE FUTURE IS PRESENT at the Designmuseum Danmark in Copenhagen.

Graduation exhibition at the Royal Danish Academy

AR posters of future artefacts